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Hidden Valley Cavoodles & Groodles

Breeders of Toy and Miniature Cavoodles and Mini Groodles




"Simply the Best"

Red Toy Cavoodle Puppy
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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know

What is a first generation Cavoodle ?

A first generation Cavoodle is where one parent is a pure bred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and one parent is a pure bred Poodle.  The Poodle can be a Toy or a Mini 
All our puppies are either first generation Toy Cavoodles or First Generation Mini Cavoodles

Do our Cavoodles Shed? Non Shedding

So far our puppies have been completely non-shedding but we like to say low-shedding just in case.
Our Poodles are all double furnished anddo not have the shedding gene which means we can be confident of the Cavoodle coats that we breed.

What Health Testing do we carry out?

All of Hidden Valley Cavoodles breeding dogs have had a DNA breed profile through Orivet and been screened for genetic diseases relevant to their breed.


All of our Stud dogs, Groodles & Golden Retrievers have also been Hip & elbow scored.


All of our breeding dogs are checked by the vet prior to any breeding. This includes heart and Patella checks


All of our breeding dogs have a sound temperament - this in conjection  to ensure only the best natured Cavoodles are bred.

All puppies are micro chipped, vaccinated and undergo a complete health check. A letter from our vet is supplied to state that your puppy is healthy

All our puppies come with a Health  Guarantee

Interstate Buyers

We sell alot of our puppies to Interstate Buyers. We will arrange the transport for you so it is an smooth transaction. All our pups are flown in a NEW Airline Approved Crate that you keep. Naturally, this is an additional charge


As our puppies are crate trained and have a big play before leaving us - they sleep in the crate and wake up the other end with a waggy tail when they see you

We take the pups to the airport ourselves and ensure they are safety lodged. We do not use courier services as that is very impersonal and not in the best interest of our puppies

Are you a verified breeder?

We have been verified by the following organisations - 

 - Puppy Scam Awareness - Member No PSAA00100

 - Ethical Pet Breeders Australian Registry - Member No - 2759

-  Rightpaw Verified

Where are you located ?

We are located in the Hawkesbury Sydney NSW, approx 50 kms northwest of Sydney, approx 1 hour 20 min drive 

Cavoodle Personality Explained

If you want a dog that has a long life friendly behavior with children, fewer health problems and high intelligence, then a Cavoodle is the perfect dog for your family.

 Cavoodles are very social. They are truly gentle, friendly and very affectionate towards their families.

They do not compromise loyalty and value their bond with human companions.  

Cavoodles are very smart, so they are easy to train and learn things quickly. 

The Cavoodle temperament is a  combination of both parents. They are very obedient, trainable, and very eager to learn everything. They love to stay in the company of their families and other pets.

Apart from resembling a teddy bear they are the perfect human companion of any age.

How big is a Toy Cavoodle?

This is the smallest size and is usually from 5 kg to 8 kg in weight and 28 cm to 35 cm in height ( approx ) 


The Cavoodle Coat

How big is a Mini Cavoodle?

   A Mini is usually from 7 kg to 15 kg in weight and approx 35 cm to 45 cm in  height 


Cavoodles are amongst the dog breeds that require regular grooming and brushing. As our Cavoodles are a non shedding fleece coat they are considered hypoallergenic. 


We recommend getting your Cavoodle professionally groomed every 6 to 8 weeks to ensure your dogs coat does not get matted.

The Cavoodle Generations Explained

First Generation  - (F1)

Parent 1 - Poodle

Parent 2 - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (CKCS)

This breeding results in a consistent, low shedding wavy coat, and the added health benefits of crossing two different breeds with different genetics creating the hybrid vigour

Second Generation (F2)

Parent 1 - 1st Generation Cavoodle

Parent 2 - 1st generation Cavoodle 

This cross will result in unpredictable coats and appearance and carries a greater risk of health issues due to crossing dogs with the same genetic issues.


Parent 1 - First generation Cavoodle               

Parent 2 -  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel     or    Poodle

This cross will result in either 75% being more like a Cavalier and shed or if crossed with a Poodle 75% curlier wool coats with poodle tendencies 

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