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Can we visit?

Hidden Valley Cavoodles is located in the Hawkesbury NSW.

We do not allow visits from the general public.  Although this may seem like an inconvenience it ensures that all puppies at Hidden Valley Cavoodles are protected from viruses and disease which could be introduced into the kennel unintentionally from a visitor who may have just visited another kennel establishment, shelter or pound.


It is important to understand that Hidden Valley Cavoodles houses not only adult dogs which have been fully vaccinated but of course we also have many young and vulnerable puppies under the age of 6 weeks that have not been vaccinated. 

Understandably many people are disappointed that they cannot visit Hidden Valley Cavoodles however we strongly believe a good breeder will always put the health and safety above trying to sell more dogs.  By keeping a degree of separation between where our puppies are born and raised before reaching the appropriate age of vaccination and the general public, we have radically reduced the risk of illness affecting our puppies.


Please understand that this is our private home, we are not a commercial kennel and as it is extremely important you research and buy from an ethical breeder, but it is a known fact that many puppies have been stolen after people have come to "visit" a potential puppy.  We take precautions to ensure our puppies and dogs remain safe and secure at all times. Once you have put a deposit on a puppy, you will get videos of how the pups are raised and the environments which they are in along with the parents.


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