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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know

What is a first generation Cavoodle ?

A first generation Cavoodle is where one parent is a pure bred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and one parent is a pure bred Poodle.  The Poodle can be a Toy or a Mini ) 
All our puppies are either first generation Toy Cavoodles or First Generation Mini Cavoodles

Do Cavoodles Shed?

So far our puppies have been completely non-shedding but we like to say low-shedding just in case.
It is important for the poodles to have a thick coat and our poodles do not have the shedding gene which means we can be confident of the Cavoodle coats that we breed.

DNA Testing

All of Hidden Valley Cavoodles breeding dogs have had a breed profile through Orivet and been screened for genetic diseases relevant to their breed.

Not only do we DNA test, all of our dogs are temperament tested to ensure only the best natured Cavoodles are bred.

All our dogs are routinely vet checked before and after breeding.

All puppies are micro chipped, vaccinated and undergo a complete health check. A letter from our vet is supplied to state that your puppy is healthy

All our puppies come with a Health  Guarantee

Cavoodle Personality Explained

If you want a dog that has a long life friendly behavior with children, fewer health problems and high intelligence, then a Cavoodle is the perfect dog for your family.

 Cavoodles are very social. They are truly gentle, friendly and very affectionate towards their families.

They do not compromise loyalty and value their bond with human companions.  

Cavoodles are very smart, so they are easy to train and learn things quickly. 

The Cavoodle temperament is a  combination of both parents. They are very obedient, trainable, and very eager to learn everything. They love to stay in the company of their families and other pets.

Apart from resembling a teddy bear they are the perfect human companion of any age.

How big do Cavoodles get?

Cavoodles come in 2 sizes

Toy - This is the smallest size and is usually from 5 kg to 8 kg in weight and 28 cm to 38 cm in height ( approx ) 

Mini - This is the biggest size and can range from 7 kg to 15 kg and 35 cm to 45 cm in height ( approx ) 

Are Cavoodles High Maintenance ?

Cavoodles are among the dog breeds that require regular grooming and brushing. As they are low/non shedding they are considered hypoallergenic. 

We recommend getting your Cavoodle professionally groomed every 6 weeks to ensure your dogs coat does not get matted.

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