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Mini Cavoodle

About Hidden Valley Cavoodles

My passion for animals came from my Dad. He was always bringing animals home. Whether it be a joey kangaroo because it's mother was killed on the side of the road, a horse because it was old and the owner was going to put it down, the pregnant cat stuck down a drain water pipe or the dog no one wanted any more... you name it - we had it.   I loved my childhood and that is where it all began - my passion for animals.

We breed First Generation Cavoodles Mini Groodles and are located in the Hawkesbury on 10 acres. 

Our breeding program has a clear focus on health and temperament.  Our parents are DNA tested through Orivet for a full breed profile and we offer a health guarantee for all our puppies.


Our wonderful vet regularly attends our property and we have consistently received an 'Excellent' Audit Report rating "Fantastic quality of Life, great example of a breeder showing / meeting full compliance of the regulations / guidelines". 

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